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Pillars of iMO portfolio

Results oriented All offers from iMO portfolio have a compromise with goals established in partnership with the customer
Team The iMO portfolio support teams are certified on all technologies that are related with each offer
Expertise IHM experience in different industries it’s a unique differential that can aggregate value to all iMO solutions
Sharing Resources sharing is the key for cost reduction. iMO solutions minimize the need to acquire new assets
as a service Change your investment from CAPEX to OPEX. Simplify and reduce your risks
Methodology All iMO portfolio are based on the agile methodology concept
Multibrand Independent of the technology, the iMO solutions have focus on customer needs
Open Source Most of iMO offers are based on open source development platforms

Trillions of data with enormous potential to transform your business. Integrated information has the potential to improve your business. Where should you start?

The IHM multidisciplinary team specialists created the as a service iMO.

Start by addressing critical issues and initiatives that can deliver results in the short term.

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Portfolio iMO

“iMO solutions portfolio represents a low cost alternative for complex problems.“

Sylvio Leal / Business Consultant, Channels and Marketing

“The delivery as a service methodology is based on the concepts of agile methodologies. Short interaction cycles with immediate results visibility.”

Augusto / CEO

“Technical expertise. Different delivery methodology. Focus on results. These are the pillars of the iMO portfolio”

Gustavo Brito / Engineering Director

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