• Forget the high cost solutions!

    New technologies boosts

    process optimization initiatives

New technologies boosts the process optimization initiatives. Forget about high cost solutions.

The oMO solution delivery methodology is supported by SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), with a low-cost, high value-added service, using Cloud (on premise), IoT, and Machine Learning.

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Return possible to be achieved

Productivity gains

Increased productivity can be quickly achieved by optimizing parts of the production process.

A typical example of this case in the mining industry is the performance improvement on PID flow control loops on conveyor belts, where an adjustment on the controller can cause the belt to deliver the flow faster, increasing the rate per hour, hence its productivity.

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Reduction of Energy Consumption, Inputs and Raw Material

Generally the gains that can be achieved with the reduction of these indicators are achieved by optimizing a small part of ​​the plant, for example a utilities plant or a patio of raw material.

The reduction of energy consumption is usually achieved by improving the equipment interlocking logics.

Typically in chemical plant, the reagent consumption indicator (amine, starch and soda) is improved by adjusting the ratio controls and correct dosage in the process, which can also generate quality gains.
In the case of raw material, the controls of addition of inputs in the chemical preparation of recipes are optimized.

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Reduction of Fuel Consumption

Minimizing fuel consumption is very common in steel plants or refineries. The improvement of this indicator is achieved by optimizing a larger group of PID control loops (ex: furnace PID control loop).

Typical cases are the reduction of gas consumption (natural or blast furnace) in furnaces, also improving the air / gas ratio control. Another typical benefit to optimizing fuel consumption is the quality gain in ovens, due to more homogeneous temperatures.

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Quality Improvement

Quality gains in processes are often more difficult to obtain because the impact on this indicator depends on a number of factors, in addition to those related to the PID control loops or the process itself.

However, there are cases where PID control loops are directly linked to quality measurement.
A typical case is the quality of the rolled materials at the furnace, where a more homogeneous temperature control directly impacts the quality indicator, reducing, for example, losses by scraping or reprocessing.

Another common gain is in the ore flotation, where the reduction of variability in the percentage of silica and iron in the concentrate are directly impacted by the PID control loops in the flotation columns.

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Return of Investment

The costs of optimization projects are almost imperceptible due to the high value of return on investment achieved with these types of projects.

There are cases where ROI (return on investment) has reached 10 times the value of an optimization project.

For these reasons the payback is very fast!

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